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OUROBOROS (for orchestra) [2017]

DIVÁN DEL TAMARIT (song cycle for voice and marimba after a collection of poems by Federico García Lorca) [2008]

BREVICULUM (for orchestra and mixed choir) [2016]

CHANCE "Atzar" (for symphonic orchestra) [2001]

CONCERTONE (for piano and string orchestra) [2003]

ELS FOLLETS (for symphonic orchestra) [2005]

TILINGS (for string orchestra) [2007]


METAMORPHOSIS II (for symphonic orchestra) [2003]


SKETCHES (for string orchestra) [2017]

LABYRINTH (for organ and orchestra) [2020]


EN PATUFET (for children’s string orchestra and narrator) [2002]

THE MAGIC SQUARE (for double string orchestra) [2001]

BASS CLARINET CONCERTO (for bass clarinet and orchestra) [2013]


BASSOON CONCERTO (for bassoon and orchestra) [2014]


CLARINET CONCERTO (for clarinet and orchestra) [2013]


CONTRABASS CONCERTO (for contrabass and orchestra) [2011]