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PATIM, PATAM, PATUM... (for percussion trio) [2012]

DIVÁN DEL TAMARIT (song cycle for voice and marimba after a collection of poems by Federico García Lorca) [2008]

ZODIAC (for 6 voices and 3 clarinets) [2007]


MÀGICA NIT (for children's violoncello ensemble) [2020]


NEXUS (for percussion quartet) [2003]

THE MAGIC CIRCLE (for saxophone quartet) [2004]

PLEXUS (for soprano saxophone and percussion quartet) [2008]

SEQUENCIES (for clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano) [2001]

THREE CHILDREN SONGS (for oboe and piano) [2003]

VERBUM (for violin and piano) [2004]

TAMBORILADA for 5 tamborils [2001]


METAMORPHOSIS I (for flute, clarinet, percussion, violin, violoncello, piano) [2003]

SEXUS (for percussion quartet) [2009]


THE ROSY CRUCIFIXION (for percussion quartet) [trilogy after Henry Miller]

THE ABYSS (for flute and piano) [2022]